Warranty and After Sales Service


The products sold on lafranci.iy website are covered by a 26-month warranty, as required by law (art. 129.130 and 132 of the Consumer Code) from the date of delivery of the order. The warranty will only apply in the following cases:

  • if the customer was not aware of the product defects at the time of the contract or if defects were easily recognisable and the seller declared, in the latter case, that the product was free from defects;
  • in the event that there is a factory defect and that the damage has not been caused by incorrect use by the customer and failure to comply with our maintenance recommendations (please refer to Product Care). 

lafranci will carefully analyse each case to verify the effective applicability of the warranty right; she will subsequently decide whether to replace or repair the product.
Possible oxidation of the jewellery cannot be considered as a manufacturing defect since it is a natural phenomenon that can be accelerated by external agents and by incorrect use by the customer.

If the delivered product has perished as a result of the defects, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract; if, on the other hand, it has perished by hazard or because of the buyer's fault, or if the buyer has alienated or transformed it, the buyer can only ask for a reduction in the price but only in the ascertained presence of a production defect. However, the accidental breaking or loss, if not caused by defect of the product, can in no way be considered a valid reason for reimbursement.

Customized or made-to-measure jewellery cannot be returned or refunded.

To exercise the warranty right, send us an e-mail at and our support team will give you further information.

To keep your jewellery in perfect condition, visit our website and refer to the Product Care section.


Do you own one of our jewellery that would need repair or simply go back to shine just like old times?

No worries! Lafranci offers a dedicated and customized service for the repair and maintenance of your favourite jewellery! Just send an email with the detail or picture of the item, the type of repair service required, and you will receive a quote based on our price rates. A surcharge may be applied for additional special requests that are not included in the given price list.

  • Gold-plating 20€
  • Chain breakage 10€
  • Clasp breakage 5€
  • Stone replacement 20€
  • Chain lengthening or shortening 10€

As per the services "gold-plating" and "stone replacement" lafranci reserves the right to verify the feasibility based on the product and the manufacturer. Unfortunately, in the first case it is not always possible to proceed with a new gold-plating, while in the second case the needed stones may no longer be available.
In the event that repairs are not feasible, lafranci will send you a free and non-binding quote for complete or partial replacement of the product in question.

Please contact us for any information or request for a free quote by writing to Our Support Team will be happy to help you!