About Lafranci

Hi! My name is Francesca.
I’m an architect but I’ve always had a passion for fashion and accessories. 

La Franci bijoux
Today, I travel questing for unusual and tempting jewellery to offer to women who love all shades of colours and latest trends, just like me.

I like to think that my jewelleries may be able to disclose something about us since anything we wear lives with us, silent witness of our mood and season changes, in a continuously revolving pinwheel of styles and colours: from blue jeans to leather jacket, from kaftans to evening dresses.

This is why jewellery, the accessory by definition, dearest to most women, has become the starting point of my project: sharing an idea of style in which women can find their own shade, feeling free to be themselves.

La Franci bijoux - Lovely jewels and more

Here, in my style, you will be able to find yours too!

If you find yourself in the selection of jewellery and accessories available and want to buy something, you can do that in person, coming to my sales event, or here, browsing my website, in the PRODUCTS section.

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My online shop is designed as a boutique with selected products, so as to offer you a corner of good taste and high quality, always keeping an eye on value for money. In this way, even those of you who live outside the city can buy the jewelleries they love most!

It is not just about jewellery, it is not just a matter of selling, but it is about fashion & lifestyle too. 

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