Another exciting adventure: The Boffi Shoes

Written by Francesca Ielo


Written on 15 May 2020

Le shoes I'm perhaps one of the most loved accessories of women... and could not miss on!

You have understood: today I would like to talk to you about the beginning of a new and passionate collaboration with a shoe brand, but not any one: it's about Le Boffi Shoes!

Le Boffi Shoes via instagram

Their popularity is spreading wide on social, so probably many of you already know them: it is a reality present for almost three years on the Italian market, without physical point of sale but often present in the Milanese reality with ever more demanded sales events in multibrand showrooms, while their online shop proposes different models, for now 26 but soon will come many more, and they arerealizable in many variants.

Anyone you want!

Le Boffi Shoes via instagram

Their strength lies in providing the customer with a shoe customization all round, following your tastes, your style and mood of the moment. Once ordered, the models are then made handcrafted, with the use of a wide range of leather and fabrics made in Italy and available at your home in about fifteen working days.

A Le Boffi will provide a selection of some shoes, which will be available on our online shop, already purchased and ready to be worn, without having to wait for the time of the production cycle.

The Boffi Shoes - Selection for

The meeting with Le Boffi Shoes: from the shoe town to the online

The story of Le Boffi Shoes has its roots in the 1940s, when Edward Lamperti, the Boffi said, he was dealing with shoes at his factory of Parabiago, the shoe town.

His shoes were not the shoes we are used to today, produced from the other side of the world for big companies. In the company of the "Boffi" the models were handcrafted products: skilled cutters worked the skins, orlating expert reached the uppers and equally skilled mounts assembled them.

Foto di Raoul Ortega su Unsplash

In his company he could smell the leather and skin of new shoes that had to last”.

After 50 years his nephew Edward, his namesake, decided to give due value to that ancient handicraft and handicraft of the companies of Parabiago, finding the right commistion between tradition and innovation. In Edward, the valuable and absolutely complementary collaboration is added to the Micaela- His sister-in-law. The two creative young people, who are not lacking in entrepreneurial momentum, work closely with each other and divide their different tasks without neglecting any detail, including assistance to the increasingly demanding customers.

Le Boffi Shoes via instagram

When Raphael, a dear friend however that I thank, he introduced us, we have warned from the very beginning the presence of a feel common and of a business strategy that could be shared by finding the right collaboration.

More than one element in common united us in same goals: We were both at the beginning of our business, both of us galloping towards the future with a thousand ideas in our heads, both of us being characterized by a team all women’s that made us feel stronger and united in this project.

Last but not least, we had a shared goal: as every shoe produced by Le Boffi Shoes brings with it a story that is never the same as another, so our "Lovely jewels and more" emphasize the uniqueness of every woman who can freely find her own style in our selection.

The Boffi Shoes - Selection for

That's how we started thinking about a collaboration that predicted some models to propose on our online shop The rest, as they say, “it's history”.

Curious to discover our LeBoffi selection that is meant for you?
It won't be easy to resist the temptation to wear a pair of them, word of lafranci!

Available soon: rimanere sintonizzato!



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