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Distant but close: an affectionate thought to those you wish to

Written by Francesca Ielo


Written on 04 April 2020

Dear friends,
in this period , it is difficult to feel the closeness to those who can not embrace, caress or see you smile.

For this, I thought it would be nice to offer an affectionate greeting to send to people you love, the two products are particularly significant for us to can bring a message of joy, hope, or simply of good luck in the hearts of those who receive them.

We have also decided to make a small gift offering free shipping* in Italy: think of it as our way to cancel the distances!
* PROMO VALID UNTIL 10/05/2020

The clutch in velvet in vibrant colours,

Clutch, velvet

This soft clutch bag in velvet and is designed to bring a touch of colour to matching the most delicious, while the word embroidered in contrasting color is perfect to give the “mood positive” to someone you love! The will take with them into their day like a ray of sunshine...

The clutch is made of 100% cotton and theinside waterproof makes it usable on multiple occasions. You can bring in a special evening in a long gown, or an afternoon of shopping in jeans and a t-shirt. But its uses are many, just let your imagination run free: it can be a portatrucchi, a jewellery box, but also a way to keep the objects most dear.

Its dimensions are 28 cm x 23 cm (more or less those of an A4 sheet) and is available in 7 color variations
For each color is paired with a different word:

  • FREE HUGS, as ever at this time!
Clutch, velvet FREE HUGS
  • LUCK and SMILE, to wish good luck or a smile!
Clutch bag in velvet-LUCK
Clutch bag in velvet SMILE
  • DREAM, to never stop dreaming.
Clutch bag in velvet DREAM
  • HAPPY, to continue to think positive, despite everything!
Clutch bag in velvet-HAPPY
  • YES, for him/her to know that you have accepted that proposal, whatever it may be ☺
Clutch bag in velvet YES
  • , and, finally, LOVE, the essential ingredient in every moment of our existence.
Clutch bag in velvet LOVE



The bracelet in velvet with small silver pendant

If you desire to give new shades, this end of the bracelet in the tape is available in 15 variations of color are very bright!

Bracelet in velvet with nameplate

You can wear alone or in combination with other different colors, according to the mood of the moment. From only is perfect for the style, essential and chic, the more one adapts to a style more young and trendy.

Each bracelet is decorated with a pendant in 925 sterling silver and inserted in the ribbon to scroll, which is a different subject for each color. The cut is unique and is adjustable with a silver buckle to slide.

Bracelets velvet

Also the packaging is particularly eye-catching because it is presented in a small vial of clear glass, offering it to the bracelet, which contains a message of good luck charms.

bracelet velvet with glass packaging and the message of the fortune


I Hope I have given you good ideas to clear the distance that separates us and separates you from your loved ones.

I'm sure we will come back to meet stronger than before and with new awareness in the heart❤️
For all the rest, you can find me when you want on



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