From the fairs of Paris to an on-line shop: lafranci it tells about itself

Written by Francesca Ielo


Written on 27 March 2020

It has passed a little more than one year my first flight for Paris that has led me run to the international fairs of the accessories of fashion and bijoux. I was still not knowing with certitude where it would have brought that journey to me, but I was feeling that there I might have found the answers of style and of fashion for that I was looking.

lafranci to Paris

I was looking outside my porthole over the clouds and was feeling that, after last years to curiosare - and to buy! - the boutiques superchic to the dispersed small markets, my look and my innate instinct for the research of the "fanciful things" had by now got refined.

There had joined the moment of doing something, of completing that jump that would have made me fall perhaps or perhaps it would have brought the majority to me in high of all for that I would never have expected: it is like that that, leaving from the idea of importing the refined taste of the French bijoux also in my city, Milan, it has taken shape the first one draught of what would have then become lafranci. dark Lovely jewels and

But why really the bijoux?

Why had my researches, the passion for the accessories of fashion and the taste for the details led me to believe that French jewellery, with his refinement in the design and in the fanciful and winning working, it was perfectly in line with my style idea.

When I plunged in those fairs I discovered a world! In the first circles almost I have got lost in prey to the excitement of so many and varied creators, styles, shadings and perfumes; I was feeling myself a girl who could not come to decision on which necklace he would have wanted to put on or which odd hat would have bought first.

lafranci sales of the public

And it has been in that moment that I have thought:"Now or never more! You do finally what you like and that you have in mind at so much time, thrown, follow your instinct, start choosing something, if nobody will like you will sell it to the Christmas fair under house!".

My adventure has begun really there and, for a series of coincidences (even if second they me have been of marks, more which simple cases), I have found cosy persons, It will be and Patrician of MyCloset Milan, that have offered a space to me in their showroom to do my first sales from bijoux, starting letting me know at my first clients'.

lafranci lovely jewels and delays

I will never forget the help of Sara and Patrician, so as I cannot forget all the friends that to give me a hand not only they have bought the most possible, but above all they have offered their precious time to me to organise, to sell, to post on the social and to put the bases for the first communication. I cannot appoint them all but they know that they are carved in my heart with immense gratitude. on-line

Since then the sales of Milan have multiplied with moderate success; my team has widened and, as well as Paola and Valeria, my great and historical friends, it has been added Vania, with which am I sharing my dream and my hopes of each single day. With her it has been a souls meeting, as well as a wonderful friendship.

Vania and Francesca of

Together with Vania I have started thinking of mine shop on-line, to one boutique chic multibrand, that he was picking up fanciful, refined, original selected products and with a band of price accessible to all.

I like to think that my client should enter into my business with enthusiasm, knowing of finding a cosy space and easily consultabile, facilitated at a selection of taste which it trusts and in which it will find pleasant solutions for his purchases and his presents.

And now let's go ahead!

This year new projects wait for us! We look forward to introducing you to the new collaborations in sight: our search for artisans and manufacturers is gradually expanding, opening the doors to our wonderful made in Italy. In addition to this, new temporary stores are also coming to Milan and many new products online.

This last year has confirmed to me that I am on the right track, and today there are many of us who believe in this project with even more determination, and I hope that you will continue to do so too.

With affection,




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