How to keep the jewelry at its best: tips de lafranci

Written by Francesca Ielo


Written on 17 April 2020

Many of you ask me how you can keep your jewelryin order to avoid the more long as possible the dreaded oxidation and the consequent blackening which it disfigures their natural brilliance.

Begin by making a necessary clarification: our jewelry are hand-made with fine material and good quality, mainly silver, and brass, gilded with a layer (1 micron) or gold-plated multi-layer (2-3 microns). The carat of the gold depends on the choice of the producer and can vary from 14 to 18 ct up to a maximum of 24-carat gold.

At the time of purchase, we always provide a soft clutch bag in linen - sealable, specially designed for the storage and cleaning of your favorite jewelry.

how to keep the jewelry lafranci clutch bag in linen

Their gold plating is thick and durable, but they are still metal and as such are not exempt from their natural process and physiological oxidation , which, as is well known, is in contact with the air.

But do not worry: it is possible to keep under control and to delay this process by following some small and valuable measures of conservation and cleaning. Let's discover together what!

How to store your jewelry?

No of direct light

When not being worn, always store the jewelry away from contact with direct light, preferably in a pouch of tissue.

No moisture

be careful not to leave the jewelry in humid places such as bathroom or near a source of humidity. A perfect container may be a bag in polyethylene reclosable hermetically.

Watch out for the water

, Try to minimize the continuous immersion in water. I know that many of us, myself included, love to wear them always, even during the shower, because it can be boring having to put on and take off at every opportunity! Without reaching the extreme case, the same during the washing of the hands, it is well to remember that wear them in an ongoing way, reduces significantly the duration of time.
Also the prolonged contact with sea water, chlorine, body lotions or any chemical agent (detergents etc), unfortunately, does not help your jewelry to shine as the first day.

christin hume - unsplash

The type of skin and the sweat

did you know that your skin can contribute with a PH more acid to accelerate the oxidation process? The same necklaces sold to different customers, have had the reaction times of the different vis-à-vis the oxidation. So we recommend, particularly in these cases, not to use them during sporting activities and, if possible, during the rest of the night.

bruce mars - unsplash

A small note to part deserves the gold plated steel: steel is a metal stainless is not affected by conditions in contact with water described above, and shines so much longer.

How to clean your jewelry?

To clean the jewelry without damaging it only takes a few simple tricks that vary depending on the material of which they are made, and machining.

As a general rule, for Polish avoid using detergents and chemicals, but then only with a soft cloth.


, In the case of gold-plated silver you can use a few drops of toothpaste on a soft toothbrush, and gently wipe it on the object, being careful not to remove the gold plating on the surface. This small and ancient tradition, can give truly amazing results, try it to believe it!

lafranci.en how to store jewelry - Silver-golden - bracelet with medals of golden

Brass and bronze

With brass or bronze, but only if not treated or plated, you can use a soft cloth with a drop of the product for the polishing of the silverand rub it, after it is rinsed carefully, the will to its original gloss. However, be careful not to damage it with chemicals, the semi-precious stones natural, possibly included in the gem.

Brass Bracelet - Clouds Design

Natural stones

Natural stones can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth dampened with water and a drop of alcohol at 90 degrees. Ends rinsing and drying with a soft, dry cloth.

natural Stone Ring two stone drop

Details processed

If there are details worked, in which the dirt is difficult to remove, can help you with a small soft toothbrush to use with delicacy.

details worked - Necklace with pendulum and semi-precious stones,

As you have seen, it is just a few steps, without much effort, will lengthen the life of your jewelry, as companions of the "skin" of your daily adventures!




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